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Match advertising sources such as banner ads, Facebook mobile app install adverts or even QR codes to app installs in the iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Windows Store environment.

See which sources give you the most valuable users. The beauty lies in the analyzer performance indicators and data display. Post install KPIs help you understand your customer’s behaviour. Real time analysis means you can adjust your marketing campaign to get the best return on your spend.

Global app performance stats made easy with apptrace

Free access to the app ecosystem

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apptrace is our free online tool that gives you complete access to the app ecosystem. With global rankings that can be cut by country, device and price, apptrace provides you with essential business intelligence. Graphs show individual app and publisher performance. Delve into text based app reviews with our sentiment analysis – what’s there not to love?

Ideal for developers, publishers, marketers and anyone who wants to know how an app is performing in the Apple App Store.

Mobile marketing just got smart

We are an intelligent mobile analytics company, built from the ground up to enable publishers, developers and app marketers understand and optimize effective campaigns in real time.

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