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  • Posted by Christian Henschel

adeven's mobile sessions with Zoe, Xyologic


This week on our mobile sessions we are very pleased to have Zoe Adamovicz, someone who is well known and admired in the German mobile sector. She has a selection of successful enterprises, most notably perhaps is Xyologic Mobile Analysis GmbH, an excellent app search website which helps you find the best apps according to your taste. Xyologic is the most comprehensive, exciting way to discover mobile apps from all over the world.

Hotseating today, our friend Zoe from Xyologic

Adamovicz Zoe Abosch

Everyone is talking about mobile and how it is changing the world.

But how would you describe what you are doing to your grandmother?

Instead of trying to describe what to do, I would show her. I’d first set up my grandma with a smartphone of her choice. I would then download the apps she would want and help her practice using them. I would also suggest some useful apps for her and show her the collection of apps Xyologic would recommend to her. In the end, she would probably want to communicate with our family, so I would install an app that allows her to video chat with her faraway relatives, and then teach her how to use it.
Of course, all this becomes automated with Xyologic. Grandma would catch on fast;)

Thanks for your time Zoe!