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  • Posted by Christian Henschel

adeven's mobile sessions with Jascha Samadi


Berlin Sun, where have you gone? Jascha Samadi joins us in the hot-seat for our mobile sessions. We are very pleased to meet with you and I’m sure you can brighten up our day.

Apprupt takes center stage for our mobile sessions this week!


Jascha Samadi is Founder and Co-CEO of apprupt. Just recently Jascha was decorated as one the ‘NEXT 100’, the top influencers of the digital industry in Germany.

Founded in 2008, apprupt nowadays is one of the leading premium mobile ad networks in Germany. Through an extensive network of premium publishers, apprupt provides advertising companies with targeted solutions for effective and powerful mobile advertising. apprupt reaches more than 11.6 million users in the German mobile web and delivers 670 million mobile ads per month. Moreover apprupt enables publishers such as WEB.DE, CIO, CFOworld, freenet, TecChannel or Men’s Health to offer their own users relevant apps and products and thereby monetize mobile traffic.

Now, without further or do, we are very happy to introduce Jascha Samadi… Everyone is talking about mobile and how it is changing the world.


How would you describe what you are doing to your grandmother? Making people happy by connecting the right products and brands to the right people via mobile phones.

And -

What was the biggest surprise in mobile recently; what things did you not expect?

The power and impact of sharing photos (Instagram) and sound (Soundcloud) via mobile phones.

And now time for some advertising:

Can you use one sentence to pitch your company?

Making mobile work for advertisers and publishers.