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  • Posted by Christian Henschel

adeven mobile sessions with Tom Laband


So summer has finally arrived. A time to enjoy yourself and take a little break. We can’t think of a better opportunity to sit down with interesting people and bring up yet another interview. This time, we are having a talk with Tom Laband, Vice President Sales at Sevenval, a software specialist focused on mobile and multi-channel web development solutions.

Online follows mobile!

Tom Laband

Sevenval is a business unit for mobile technologies of YOC Inc., one of europe’s biggest players in mobile technology and media solutions. This is where Tom started his career in 2006. He held positions as Senior Manager in Mobile Marketing as well as Director of Sales & Key Account Management in Mobile Technology. As Tom is pushing mobile marketing and web solutions to the next level, we are excited to hear what he thinks about current state of the mobile development.

Everyone is talking about mobile and how it is changing the world.

But -

How would you describe what you are doing to your grandmother?

As more and more people replace their personal computers into smartphones and tablets, we have specialized in developing websites for any connected device, adjusting web content to its individual characteristics, such as use case, user interface and technical specifications.

What was the biggest surprise in mobile recently; what things did you not expect?

Online follows Mobile! Some of our clients have started to publish web content on mobile before they think of classic web. Other companies still question if they need a mobile website.

And now time for some advertising:

Can you use one sentence to pitch your company?

Sevenval’s FIT Technology makes your live easier, handling client fragmentation and relevant sources for each delivery context. Sevenval’s professional service team offers best in class project implementation throughout the whole value chain of any mobile web development project.