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  • Posted by Christian Henschel

adeven mobile sessions with Carsten Frien


We are delighted to have such a leading mobile advertising legend join us for our mobile sessions today. We caught up with Carsten Frien, the CEO and Co-founder of madvertise. This man has been in mobile since the beginning of the mobile boom and therefore has great experience in the market.

Carsten Frien, German-grown mobile pioneer

Carsten Frien Smaller Presse

madvertise is the leading mobile marketing specialist in Europe, creating successful mobile web and app advertising campaigns. The platform ensures specific audience targeting through their excellent inbuilt technology. madvertise are currently soaring the market with 2 billion page impressions (PI) per month worldwide. With 2 million PI in the UK alone and holding strong network presence in 50 different countries, giving them a real global stance. It gives an insightful platform in which publishers can monetize their apps and advertisers can have prosperous and efficient campaigns.

We are very happy to talk to such an important figure in the mobile ad environment and fully German-grown mobile pioneer. Everyone is talking about mobile and how it is changing the world.

But -

How would you describe what you are doing to your grandmother?

“We use the mobile phone to show you adverts you’re interested in, ads catered to your taste… And Grandma, if you ever feel like swapping Bridge night for a tech meet up and dabbling in app development (it’s never too late!), we’ll help you make money with that.”

And -

What was the biggest surprise in mobile recently; what things did you not expect?

I think what continues to surprise me is the influx of new, creative and usable apps every single day. The success of these can be staggering, especially in excluded cases such as Draw Something & Instagram. The constant creation of new mobile products, services, games and more in the form of apps is pretty astounding. All of the enthusiasm and passion for mobile development right now is both admirable and inspiring.

And now time for some advertising:

Can you use one sentence to pitch your company?

madvertisers are renowned for their expertise and supportive personal contact, with which we can offer advertisers and publishers some of the highest quality products and far-reaching opportunities in the mobile advertising world.